Staff Workflow

CORE ESP can monitor staff movements and administrators can assign workflow status to those staff. The solution provides real-time location tracking of staff such that managers and hospital directors can serve patients effectively.

Features & Benefits

  • CORE Enterprise Solutions Platform is highly configurable, from adding photos of the staff to icons for tracking on maps, knowing which policy/alert the staff has been associated with etc. This makes it easy for all users of the software to access asset information when they need it from wherever they may be working from. Staff tracking can benefit healthcare facilities in many ways:

  • Always Know Where Your Staff Is

    Complexities of patient care processes often make the staff’s job challenging. By using CORE ESP Staff Tracking technologies, workflow bottlenecks become visible and efficiencies and patient care can be optimised.

  • Optimise Integrations

    Reduce alert fatigue from other systems by integrating staff tracking into other applications. For example, in a nurse call system, nurse alarms can be automated to switch off when a nurse enters the room.

  • Workflow Efficiencies

    Healthcare facilities must mobilise staff, anticipate workload requirements, manage productivity, and adjust the staff members regularly in real-time. Workflow optimisation requires sophisticated systems to facilitate collaboration between departments, sites, and roles.

  • Incident Management

    Ability to view the real-time location of a moving asset that alerted an event such as a breach of a zone through the notifications app.

Other Use Cases

The CORE ESP Platform can also play a vital role in other use cases and become a single pane of glass for the entire healthcare facility.