Staff Safety

Physical site environments in Healthcare sectors are often large, complex environments which are challenging to navigate in the event of an emergency. In such scenarios, real-time visibility of personnel location is critical, especially in the event of mass evacuation, staff duress or for the detection of any unauthorised movement.

Real-time location and movement monitoring in such facilities safeguard the workforce from mishaps which could tarnish the image of the company as well as cause significant losses. 

Features & Benefits

  • CORE Enterprise Solutions Platform is highly configurable, from adding photos of the staff to icons for tracking on maps, knowing which policy/alert the staff has been associated to etc. This makes it easy for all users of the software to access asset information when they need it from wherever they may be working from. Staff Safety solution can benefit healthcare facilities in many ways:

  • Increased Visibility

    Real-time visibility of clinical as well as patient support and services staff member to send assistance in an event of safety-related incident.

  • Enhance Staff Protection

    Medical staff for Mental Health, Geriatrics, ED and Substance Abuse departments are more vulnerable to the possibility of workplace violence. Hence, the solution has IoT enabled tracking mechanisms to track them in real-time.

  • Optimise Staff Workflow

    Hospital administration can view daily, weekly or monthly information of staff status and location. This helps them to optimise staff levels and thus improve the efficiency of patient care.

  • Instant Notifier During Staff Duress

    Ensures an effective way to immediately notify users when an emergency event generates an alert. The alert window consists of event information, its location and status and can be sent on the staff’s preferred communication medium.

  • Incident View

    Ability to view the real-time location as per the movement of staff that triggered the staff duress event.  

Other Use Cases

The CORE ESP Platform can also play a vital role in other use cases and become a single pane of glass for the entire healthcare facility.