Deliver a wide range of use cases by leveraging multiple sensor technologies

one engine, one format, multiple technologies

Integrate data from various sensor technologies and RTLS platforms to add value to your software solution.


Multi-Tenant Architecture

Leverage the power of micro-service architecture by deploying multiple instances of the same service for different clients over distributed networks to serve on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

Unified Payloads for All Use Cases

Receive same data output irrespective of technology or device for location, condition monitoring or device heartbeat data.

Device Management

Remotely manage a devices’ signal strength and broadcast interval from a centralised dashboard or via restful APIs.

Remote Service Monitoring

Ability to monitor and control the services that are deployed in remote environments from a centralised dashboards or via restful API’s.

Pub/Sub Mechanism for Payload Distribution

Data distribution is performed via a super lightweight publish and subscribe mechanism to keep the data profile low.

System Alerts

Receive device disconnection and low battery alerts over the same pub/sub mechanism so that the endpoint system can also consume the same.


The Enterprise Solutions Platform is available as an on-premises, on-cloud or hybrid offering.