Inventory Management

CORE ESP can help healthcare practitioners streamline inventory operations so that they can focus on what really matters: the health and happiness of its patients.
Running out of anything could spell major problems in the facility. This results in a panic, over-ordering of assets, creating high operating expenses, wastage from unused expiring items and thereby decreased productivity from supply rooms.

With the help of CORE ESP’s Inventory Management solution, healthcare organisations can keep precise and updated stock records and replenish these stocks in time and provide a better service to their patients and staff.

Features & Benefits

CORE Enterprise Solutions Platform is highly configurable, from adding photos to assets, knowing which policy/alert the asset is linked to, asset hierarchy etc. this makes it easy for all users of the software to access asset information when they need it,  wherever they may be working from. Inventory Management can benefit healthcare facilities in many ways:

  • Reduce Over and Under Ordering of Supplies

    The implications of improper inventorying and ordering are far and wide, but with the Inventory Management solution, it simply becomes a non-issue. Access medical or asset inventory on-demand to view real-time, accurate information about what is available in stock, where it is and when it expires.

  • Get Reminded when Supplies are Running Low

    Healthcare administrators can effortlessly set up low stock alerts that will automatically send emails or in-app notification, reminding asset managers that the asset quantity is running low. Furthermore, the ESP software will also let you know which area/zone is overstocked so that asset managers can replenish and balance the stocks.

  • Always Know What Supplies Are on Hand

    CORE ESP offers a highly visual of its tracked inventory in real-time. Access the PAR status details via phone, tablet or laptops. An optional in-app handheld RFID scanner is available to scan assets and upload to the platform for stock level calculations.

  • Discover Which Departments Are Using What Assets

    Multiple users such as clinicians and nurses interact with the inventory on a daily basis. Asset managers will gain insights into asset usage patterns quickly and will be able to interrogate accordingly to stock levels versus usage levels and ensure supply meets the demand.

  • Bulk Upload

    Inventory Management can run into thousands of assets. CORE ESP Platform offers the ability to upload sensors in bulk and therefore turnaround assets quickly back into the departments for use.

Other Use Cases

The CORE ESP Platform can also play a vital role in other use cases and become a single pane of glass for the entire healthcare facility.

Environmental Monitoring

Staff Workflow

Asset Tracking