Unified Healthcare

A suite of connected healthcare solutions.

Asset Tracking

Allow healthcare facilities to easily determine the location of assets to reduce the time spent on searching for equipment and provide valuable real-time information of assets to the caregivers.

Inventory Management

Reduce operational costs and improve workflow through real-time, accurate and automated inventory management with Enterprise Solutions Platform.

Staff Workflow

Gain new insight into hospital performance when pattern recognition and workflow bottlenecks become visible when you know where your staff is.

Staff Safety

Equip your staff with location tags to ensure that prompt response is initiated by the facility's security team during an employee emergency situation.

Environmental Monitoring

Easy to install and no hard wires. Our software provides automated temperature and humidity monitoring and alerting, as well as reporting data for regulatory compliance.

Patient Journey

Know where your patients are in real-time, streamline patient movement from one department to another, reduce wait times and increasing patient satisfaction.