One Platform, Many Use Cases with Choice of Technologies

CORE ESP provides its customers with the flexibility to select a wireless technology based on their operational technology environment and business requirements. The product delivers the right solution for the customer to begin their technology journey.


Customised Dashboards

The dashboard presents the current view of a business. Employees can concentrate on the assets they are responsible for. Different types of widgets can be configured within a single dashboard.


The report engine provides a deeper view of the business. The report engine consists of multiple templates from which various reports can be configured. The historical movement allows the user to visualise the concentration of the assets at different locations.

Asset Management

A 4-level asset hierarchy allows for the establishment of a framework for segmenting an asset base into appropriate classifications. These relationships can also help to facilitate asset maintenance, and cost for individual assets.

Device Management

Monitor, manage and upgrade the configuration of the hardware device (sensor and gateway) is an important feature to overcome the operational challenges experienced when setting up the physical hardware devices.

Policy Management

Built-in workflows (rule sets) caters to all the platform offerings with the ability to create a workflow on a singular or group of assets. This is based on the asset hierarchy with an option to apply the workflow to assets with a specific Workflow Status or PAR Status.


The notifications present an incident and track view to get a clear understanding of the incident zone and the current zone where the asset/personnel is located. The ability to view, respond or push notification over HTTP means the users can decide appropriate actions to trigger during an alert event.

API and Integrations

The CORE ESP platform natively integrates with mobile devices such as Vocera, CCTV etc., among other in-house application that supports payloads in either HL7, XML, JSON or SOAP format. This capability eliminates the need for expensive third-party middleware between nurse call and mobile devices, resulting in more efficient and effective communication.

Remote Device Management

Control the device sensitivity and data broadcast interval settings remotely from the central system.

Enterprise Architecture

Saas Platform with support for multi-tenancy and provides high availability, extensibility and scalability to support small to large health care facilities.

Integration HUB

Distribute notifications data over multiple platforms with payloads files in either HL7, XML, JSON or SOAP format.

Unified Platform

CORE ESP works seamlessly with any wireless technology, any hardware vendor and is suitable for both Greenfield and Brownfield deployments. It also works coherently with most industry-leading RTLS providers, thus making it easier for organisations to upgrade.


The CORE ESP Platform provides choice of various technologies and can be utilised as per the current facility setup and use cases.