Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring is of paramount importance for staying compliant in the aged care sector. Inefficiencies cropping up in manual processes usually result in the lack of adherence to temperature and humidity compliance for requirements in residential houses and food storage places.

CORE LSE can aid in compliance of environmental variables of assets/storage rooms in these facilities as well as uplift staff productivity and resident safety through environmental monitoring.

Features & Benefits

CORE Location Services Engine software is highly configurable, from adding of assets to knowing which policy/alert the asset has been associated to etc This makes it easy for all users of the software to access asset information when they need it , wherever they may be working from. A condition monitoring solution can benefit healthcare facilities in many ways:

  • Improve Staff Productivity

    Manual monitoring of machines and processes requires a large and competent team combined with a significant investment of their time to accurately diagnose operational challenges. This can result in the loss of employee productivity and hence impact the efficiency of the facility.

  • Decrease Instances of Downtime

    Monitor devices in real-time and prevent unnecessary expenses for the residents. For example, if the temperature in a refrigerator is higher than the required setting, the caregivers can react proactively and get maintenance teams to fix the issue.

  • Quality Compliance

    If high levels of humidity or temperatures are seen in resident housing, caregivers can let residents be made aware to open windows or turn on the air condition etc.

  • Instant Notifier on Variable Changes

    Automatic and centralised assessment of variables like humidity and temperature as well as generation of notifications when there are discrepancies in their expected levels.

Other Healthcare Use Cases

The CORE LSE Platform can also play a vital role in other use cases and become a single pane of glass for the entire healthcare facility.