Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a core business aspect of any health facility, especially when it encompasses many movable equipment and tools. The primary goals of asset tracking are to drive cost savings, gain higher caregiver efficiency, improve patient care time and have total visibility of tracked assets.

CORE ESP Asset Tracking solution ensures high quality and reliable data to support evidence-based decision-making for any health organisation.

Features & Benefits

CORE Enterprise Solutions Platform is highly configurable, from adding photos to assets, knowing which policy/alert the asset is linked to, defining asset hierarchy etc. This makes it easy for all users of the software to access asset information when they need it, wherever they may be working from.

  • Optimising Costs of Rental Assets

    Organisations periodically require rental or short-term hire equipment to fulfil a temporary demand. Rental/Leased items can be proactively managed via CORE ESP thereby saving thousands of dollars per year on unnecessary rentals costs. Additional costs such as penalties for late returns can be avoided by having alerts on the ESP dashboards when the rental period end as well as emails to multiple stake holders.

  • Reduce Inventory Shrinkage and Prevent Theft

    Healthcare organisations can have a better inventory count and gain better control over their assets. CORE ESP’s system of alert configuration automatically sends notifications via emails and in-app notification when such assets enter or exit prohibited zones.

  • Optimising Asset Usage

    With the bility to view asset movement history as well as notification history via the platform, healthcare administrators can make sound decisions on asset utilisation methods which can result into reduced equipment rentals or purchase.

  • Increasing Staff Efficiency

    Clinicians and nurses can perform their daily tasks without being interrupted by dealing with misplaced equipment situations and manually looking around the site for it. The ability to locate equipment streamlines their workflow which in turn results in an increase in job satisfaction.

Other Use Cases

The CORE ESP Platform can also play a vital role in other use cases and become a single pane of glass for the entire healthcare facility.